Our design studio seeks to create architecture that is sensitive to its site, refined and personal.

We work creatively to develop an intuitive understanding of our clients' personalities and living conditions, so that we can interpret these qualities into the design of considered and unique places which bring increased enjoyment to their daily lives.

The nature of our work is predominantly domestic. We endeavour to create environmentally responsible, practical and cost effective building solutions, prioritising the use of recycled and natural materials and the adoption of passive solar design techniques for heating and cooling.

Our design studio features a small, dedicated and collaborative team, so that we have a focussed and personal relationship with each individual client. We believe strongly in the benefits of a good team, and work hand in hand with a select group of local builders and craftsman to ensure our architectural vision is sustainable; physically, financially and environmentally.

In addition to our coastal projects, we specialise in providing contemporary design solutions for the adaptive reuse of some of Melbourne and Geelong’s most significant heritage listed buildings. We respect and value the importance of our built and cultural history. We see the preservation and innovative transformation of significant existing buildings as a critical opportunity to reduce waste, increase environmental performance, and most importantly reinvigorate tired and often neglected existing buildings through exploring the opportunities of well-considered, sensitive and environmentally responsible design.

We are based in Anglesea, Victoria and welcome all enquiries.

Please contact Rob Ashby on 0438 575 243
or via email info@robertashby.com.au